Let the Asian technology market start from Tokyo!

Let the Asian technology market start from Tokyo!

Wearable's next major stage is about content and monetization!

The first Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo 2014 featured key players from U.S.A, Europe and Japan who announced their new products and attracted attention from all over the world. Doubling in size, the next Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo 2015 will include IoT and VR as well as the discussion on content collaboration and business development.

See live demos, listen to case studies, speak with Wearable, IoT and VR Tech Experts

While new wearable devices and IoT hardwares keep launching, Robotics and AI cannot be ignored. Leaders from fashion, sports, healthcare, city development, education, medical, home electronics, media, and entertainment industries will discuss the future of wearables, IoT, and VR content.

With Japan's top level technology market in the world and the Asian economics’ significant growth, Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo will deliver the perfect business opportunity for your business!

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Connecting Industry Experts & Prospective Clients

The growing wearable tech industry is presenting both business and consumer with enormous mobile capabilities. The Wearable Tech Expo draws the audience looking to uncover these opportunities. Sponsor the Wearable Tech Expo to showcase your solutions and products to qualified attendees across a wide range of industries.

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